Frequently Asked Questions

What is a custom built home?

A custom built home is a work of art designed to meet the exacting specifications that we create together. Custom designed homes range is size and investment from casitas to luxury estates. As a custom home builder, we help you choose all of the features in your home. At Regency Custom Homes, we form an owner-builder team to create your home, blending the style and function of your dreams with the property of your choice. The end result is a home tailored to you and your investment preference. We will merge your wants and needs with your property and budget, always keeping in mind the active resale market and what features may be desired by future buyers.

How much will my home cost?

Following a brief meeting or phone conversation, our proprietary software can come up with a realistic budget for your home based on past projects and current building prices. This price includes everything except for the lot itself, from plans and permits, through pool and landscaping, with the highest end finishes and specifications. We don’t try to lure in new clients with a low square footage price and then have constant upgrades, mark-ups, and hidden costs.

“Price per square foot” can easily get to be a game if people don’t realize the basic concept behind it. Generally speaking, a smaller home will cost more per square foot than a larger home because there is less square footage to divide things like the kitchen or the pool into. Then again, in larger homes the client would usually want more special things, like a true climate controlled wine cellar and home theater, which of course drives up the cost per square foot. Large or small though, the things behind the walls, like the HVAC and electrical system, are far superior to anything else we have ever seen. People don’t always realize it, since the things that truly make their home exceptional are rarely on display, but that is the kind of home we take pride in building.

Who will actually build my home?

We work with the best in all fields of residential construction, from large companies that specialize in high end components to smaller companies that work largely just for us. Having been in the local industry for over 16 years, we are very cognizant of who the best trades are in their given fields, and which are the best fit for us. Regardless of size, our trade contractors have to pass rigorous insurance, safety, and financial tests to partner with Regency Custom Homes. Once achieved, they know they can count on being paid by Regency quickly and accurately upon job or phase completion. In addition to timely payment, we provide clean, safe building sites for our partners, and because of that, the best tradesmen from the best companies prefer to work on our jobs.

What makes Regency different from other high end custom home builders?

The biggest thing that seems to separate us from other builders is our very direct involvement every step of the way. We go with our clients as the design unfolds to pick out all of the components that will make up the home, and always keep in mind the budget we are working with. All of the features selected for your home interact with each other, and it is imperative that the builder be involved to make sure all of these relationships will in fact work, physically as well as financially. Even if clients choose to go with an outside design company or architect, we still want to be involved from day one to assist in the myriad of decisions that need to be made besides the layout of the home. As you know, the plans are only one crucial part of many that make up the final product!

Curious about the cost of your dream home?

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